Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Different kind of mugging...

We are all used to mugging for exams...and with the Matrix theory midsem on 31st Oct my Sunday was spent mugging for it and watching India waste an excellent start.
I left for IISc at about 7 pm...and experienced for the first time in my life...THE OTHER THING CALLED MUGGING.

As I walked to the bus stop...2 ppl accosted me and spoke in Kannada.
When I indicated that I did not know that language one of them asked me to follow him to "the Station". These ppl were obviously not policemen...so I refused.
Then he grabbed my neck and started pulling me with him as I pushed him away.
He then tried to strangle me and in this confusion we both fell into the gutter by the side of the road.

He apparently wanted my cell phone...I think the other fellow was afraid people might turn up and had already run away. This guy kept up his choking and clawed away at my face with his nails. I punched him a couple of times and pulled him away with his hair.

I will not claim I bashed him up but I did not let him beat me either. He finally managed to pull my Nokia 6030 phone out of my hands but as he was getting out of the gutter people has arrived on the scene. I grabbed his leg to not allow him to get away. The people caught him and I fairly easily convinced them that he was trying to steal my phone as opposed to his claim that I was stealing his phone.

Then came the most 'satisfying' part of the whole thing...seeing the bastard getting bashed up by the public. He lay motionless on the ground not responding to all the punches and kicks flying at him.
I was told to call the police...but by the time i met my aunt and got back to the place where people were holding him down ...the people had grown tired and left and so had that bastard.

I have bruises on my face and had to have an anti-tetanus injection...but satisfied that I did not give in to him.Maybe if I was better built none of this would have happened...I think he realized that " The size of the dog in the fight does not matter...what matters is the size of the FIGHT IN THE DOG."

The Brother summed it up in one sentence as he very often does..." Worried about you,but proud of you."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Status update

This post might add an infinite amount of entropy to the Universe and I don't care...
it starts out to answer a question that a few people who 'sort of' know me have asked over the past couple of weeks.
It pertains to my status message in gmail and yahoo IMs which reads "How I wish ...how I wish you were here".
The answer my friends is blowing in my mind.

It starts in a lab in IISc...I am doing my Digital Image Processing assignment.
Strangely,the programs I write seem to be working. The weather outside is fine...bright sunshine yet not hot or humid.
If I want I could download some of my favourite songs from the net and listen.
I am enjoying myself...I am happy I am in IISc.
Life's Good.
I am about to tell myself
" ...what a wonderful world!".
Just then a thought crosses my mind.
It triggers a chain reaction of thoughts that end up in bleary eyes and an unspeakeable,immeasureable guilt.
Only one person in the world has said it to me in so many words...only one other person I have told in so many words about it.
Neither of them is with me right now.
Maybe one day I will come to terms with this...till then whether gmail says it or not
this is my status message.

That's all people...that's all.
It all is said in this one line:
" How I wish...how I wish you were here".

Monday, October 02, 2006

I've learnt that...

Came across this blog a few months ago...and had posted it on the yahoo grp too.
It belongs to this girl called Meghana (http://virtualscribblings.blogspot.com).

I loved some of the 'claims' made in that post and I think I can add a few of my own.
I've learnt that...

...most of the stuff is all in my head and how I view it is my prerogative alone.

...there is no shame in tears, but you still don’t want the world to see your vulnerability.

...sometimes being alone helps you disentangle your intricacies, but you secretly wish there was a shoulder you could lean on.

...prayers don’t guarantee miracles, but they still heal certain wounds.
(expressly disagree...prayers dont help according to me)

...every emotion doesn’t need words for expression, you can feel someone's care through their eyes.

...unless you learn to be your own emotional anchor, you cannot be one to someone else and someone else cannot be one to you.

..at the end of the day it doesn’t do to sit and mull over what I’ve achieved coz there’s still a long long way to go.

...how the smallest of instances achieve significance and seem magnified in light of a few conversations and experiences.

...a lesson will be repeated again, till you’ve learnt it well enough.

...the only thing worse than a nightmare...is to wake up and realize that real life is even worse.

...you can have hundreds of friends on orkut and yahoo...and still feel unloved and unappreciated.
and that feeling goes away even if u talk to a friend for a min on the phone...or as in my case get a voicemail(thanks Gmail).

...one 'trivial' mistake can scar you for life.it cud be the difference between realizing your dreams and struggling all your life to do so. it cud be the difference between reaching Atlantis and having to remind yourself that another world,your Atlantis, exists.

...the only thing worse than failure is succeeding and not being able to share it with those to whom it would have meant so much.

...giving treats to friends and taking treats from them are gr8...but the best treats are the ones you give yourself.

...NIIT is wrong: Life begins at an IIT.
(NIIT says "Life begins at NIIT")

... Life's a chemical reaction...you break old bonds and form new ones for better stability...but it invariably adds to the confusion in the Universe.

The last and the best one: