Saturday, October 14, 2006

Status update

This post might add an infinite amount of entropy to the Universe and I don't care...
it starts out to answer a question that a few people who 'sort of' know me have asked over the past couple of weeks.
It pertains to my status message in gmail and yahoo IMs which reads "How I wish I wish you were here".
The answer my friends is blowing in my mind.

It starts in a lab in IISc...I am doing my Digital Image Processing assignment.
Strangely,the programs I write seem to be working. The weather outside is fine...bright sunshine yet not hot or humid.
If I want I could download some of my favourite songs from the net and listen.
I am enjoying myself...I am happy I am in IISc.
Life's Good.
I am about to tell myself
" ...what a wonderful world!".
Just then a thought crosses my mind.
It triggers a chain reaction of thoughts that end up in bleary eyes and an unspeakeable,immeasureable guilt.
Only one person in the world has said it to me in so many words...only one other person I have told in so many words about it.
Neither of them is with me right now.
Maybe one day I will come to terms with this...till then whether gmail says it or not
this is my status message.

That's all people...that's all.
It all is said in this one line:
" How I I wish you were here".

1 comment:

Subhash said...

I can understand... you can never get hardened or used to these words, so much, as to not get that feeling of bleary eyes and guilt - forming a lump in ur throat - when its told for the (n+1)th time!!

very poignant indeed!!