Sunday, December 24, 2006

Complimentary function

While we may want to keep our feet firmly on the ground in the face of the sweetest,diabetes-inducing my lonelier times I tend to reminisce the kind things people have said to me.
These are not necessarily when I have done really well...but each one of them touched my heart.
Sometimes these people did not even know how much they touched my heart.
The people shall not be named . Some of them know me, some think they know me and some really do know me.
1) July 26th,2K5.
On the famed Matunga Z-bridge. Having walked through waist deep water and being drenched to the bone I am contemplating the task I and a classmate just achieved and how to get home with minimum damage. I am,as sportspersons would put it, 'in the zone'. And she comes up with:
" Nissim, you look like a saint...absolutely expressionless".
I think of this as a compliment...dunno about you.

2) Semester 7. Assignments flying all around. DComm assignments being finished hurriedly.
I sit there, close my eyes and focus myself. A classmate comes up with:
" You look like you don't have any problems in life." NO COMMENTS!!

3) In a chat (probably online):
" That's why your eyes are so deep...there's a part of you thats out there for the world to see. Then there is an entire you hidden from the rest of the world."
Point taken and compliment too.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Still Falling over backwards

Arjun Singh has his own way after all. The BILL is passed in LS. The peoples' representatives, representing the 27% 'majority', decided to give the go ahead to the reservations.
As promised in the previous are some poignant statistics from Arun Shourie's book 'Falling over Backwards'.

KERALA Medical admissions:

General < 412
OBC < 1752,2653 for different 'grades(is it?)'
SC < 4409
ST < 14,426.
My only comment...WTF!!

Karnataka Medicine admissions:
General < 540
Reserved categories < 40,799 different categories of reservations.

A personal admissions 2001. I go to VJTI and find that general is one column and there are infinitely many reserved category columns.

SC, ST, OBC, VJ1(Vimukt Jaati), VJ2, VJ3, NT1(Nomadic tribes),NT2 and some other things also.

Jharkhand engineering admissions :
Reserved category candidate getting admission to engg...PCM score
P = 2/100, C = 1/100
Another one: 4/300.

GOVERNMENT SERVICES have had reservations for long:

In Delhi, a general category person joined in 1957. Everyone agrees he is fairly efficient and good at his work. Currently serving under a lady BORN in 1966. Promotion upon joining, superceding others on the basis of caste...leads to such gross injustice.

One final statistic: consider the people who joined the public electrical services in Karnataka in 1982-84 as Asst. Engineers.
General category engineers will not be promoted to the post of Executive Engineers till 2012-2014.
Reserved category engineers got the same in 1991-93.

Meera Kumar wants to implement reservation in private sector too.
Is this where we are going?