Sunday, December 24, 2006

Complimentary function

While we may want to keep our feet firmly on the ground in the face of the sweetest,diabetes-inducing my lonelier times I tend to reminisce the kind things people have said to me.
These are not necessarily when I have done really well...but each one of them touched my heart.
Sometimes these people did not even know how much they touched my heart.
The people shall not be named . Some of them know me, some think they know me and some really do know me.
1) July 26th,2K5.
On the famed Matunga Z-bridge. Having walked through waist deep water and being drenched to the bone I am contemplating the task I and a classmate just achieved and how to get home with minimum damage. I am,as sportspersons would put it, 'in the zone'. And she comes up with:
" Nissim, you look like a saint...absolutely expressionless".
I think of this as a compliment...dunno about you.

2) Semester 7. Assignments flying all around. DComm assignments being finished hurriedly.
I sit there, close my eyes and focus myself. A classmate comes up with:
" You look like you don't have any problems in life." NO COMMENTS!!

3) In a chat (probably online):
" That's why your eyes are so deep...there's a part of you thats out there for the world to see. Then there is an entire you hidden from the rest of the world."
Point taken and compliment too.


Subhash said...

One more from me...

You know where to stroke the cat to make it happy :-)...for humans it is their ego...

Noticed it the first time, you played along with me and kept blowing my trumpet for me :-) ...a rare thing i've seen in people!

Anonymous said...

you are a complete scorpio (compliment?)

name shall not be revealed ;)

Nissim's blog said...

thanks for this last compliment.
u may reveal your name in person or on private chat.