Sunday, January 07, 2007


This is my favourite TV series while I still watched TV(along with the Star Treks). In the pilot episode itself math is used to track a serial murderer.

Somewhere the assumptions go wrong and it all blows up in their face (only to be sorted out later ...obviously).
Was watching this episode as I waited for the clock to tick down pending my departure from home on 31st December.
Liked this dialogue between the Mathematician Charles Eppes and the physicist Larry Fleihnardt that I wrote it down.
CE : Larry something went wrong and I don't know what. Now it looks like I can't even think.
LF: Let me tried to solve a problem involving human behaviour and it blew up in your face.
.(will not bore you with the rest of it)

LF : And Charlie, when you're dealing with human problems there's going to be pain and disappointment. You got to ask yourself IS IT WORTH IT?

Aired on November 12th,2005 on AXN in India.


onkar said...


cool n refresssshing (all blogs those i dint read till yest)!!

shocking but usual(the reservation stats.. Kudos to all d puppets in India.. Puppets always smile though they are always played with n d hands behind them r always invisible)

n im glad that ive read some article which doesnt contain word "probability".. hehe

Deepak said...

Tracking a serial killer using mathematical equations is certainly not far-fetched, although modelling the whole human being and his/her behavior using any of the known scientific techniques has always been part of polemical discussions.

But anyways, the last words issued by Larry are interesting -- "IS IT WORTH IT". And I do agree, yes, its worth it, for, success comes at a price. Modelling any of human traits by mathematical methods has always been a formidable task, and if there is a chance of success on one side, and the other side of it entails pain, then one should definitely go for it, for all pain and sufferings in this world are temporary in nature !!