Thursday, December 18, 2008

Came across a couple of very interesting posts on the anti-terrorist steps India should take by Prof. R. Vaidyanathan of IIMB.
Given that a nuclear war is not at all beneficial to us, screwing the already MASSIVELY screwed economy of Pakistan seems reasonable. Have no money, feed no terrorist will happen.
Here are the links:
8 things India Inc must do.

12 steps to shock and awe the Pak economy.

On a very personal note, I felt like someone got into my own home when those bastards did what they did. I've grown up seeing the very spots they hit and I'm sure anyone who grew up in Mumbai feels the same. I spent a good amount of time thinking of innovative ways to torture the one bastard who got caught. Had a discussion with Aseem on whether terrorists have religion.
His take was that religious sentiments made them do what they did and hence terrorists have religion.
I am no believer, but religion is essentially a human thing, and I refuse to accept terrorists as humans. They should not have any human rights and the bodies of the dead terrorists must be disposed of in the most disrespectful way possible. Also, make a video of the same and pass it to Al Jazeera...that should scare them all right.
India needs a strong anti-terror law, it needs good anti-terror organization and most of all it needs a Guantanamo Bay where to keep the terrorists. Maybe its time to get the Cellular Jail back to its 'infamous' glory.
The message ought to be clear..."You don't attack my home and get away with it."


zaosh said...


I dont know if disposing TERRORIST's bodies in an inhumane way will reduce terrorism!

they may show those pics 2 their yung ones and say 'This is how they treat us in India, lets kill all Indians'!

HATRED only spreads Hatred!

There has 2 be a BETTER way of ridding India of Terrorism though i dont know what it is!!!

I felt bad about the TERROR ATTACKS too....but I also felt the media blew things too much out of proportion on many issues!

We need to clean out TERROR CAMPS wherever they are and hope no1 funds them ever again

Anurag Gupta said...

Well written. Atleast time has now come for we Indians to open our mouths, and shut those of our enemy neighbours.