Sunday, September 10, 2006

Schumi...thanks for the memories

A week ago it was Andre Agassi that bid the sports world a tearful goodbye. Today it is Michael Schumacher.Another one that makes me go into a chest thumping fist pumping frenzy.
With Schumi's imminent retirement...I have 2 less guys to root for desparately.
From Agassi I learnt that the craft was often more important than winning...Schumi thinks differently I guess. No one can put in efficient lap after efficient lap on the limit quite like him.
It is almost a privilege to see him racing...without him F1 is poorer. The initial wins at benetton in 94=95 followed by 4 frustrating second place finishes from 96-99.
Nobody really remembers those I think. i think he got injured in the 99 season but came back to try and help Eddie Irvine win over Hakkinen. It was damn close...and u cannot say schumi did not try. 90 Gp wins (and I hope he makes it a nice round 93) infinite number of records. What I remember is thinking that this man does not need a Ferrari to win...put him in a McLaren or any other car that does not cost him 2 seconds a lap and he will. The unbelievable will to win is what I will remember him for.
I don't really think it is necessary to be a very gracious loser...if u lost by all means BE SORE. It showed in Steffi...and it showed in Michael. Maybe it is a German trait.
Schumi's replacement at Ferrari Kimi (rhymes huh) is my second favourite driver right now...and come next F1 season he shall rule the roost.
All in all...


aarthi kannan said...

2nd article in mumbai mirror :D
nissim nabar, young iisc dude makes it BIG as a freelance journalist

amit diwadkar said...

something i so wanted to write abt but ddnt hav time. but will do so soon enuf. I hav watched the sport since his controversial win over Damon Hill whr he pushed him out onto the gravel with his benetton. saw Damon win the next yr tho. Michael has been the greatest drivers on the circuit over the past decade. It was sad tht post his retirement announcement such comments shld be made against him. the only thing i will regret is tht i wont ever be able to watch him live.

Varun Ramachandran said...

rhymes huh ... lol :)
sigh ... somethings just hafta come to an end ...
F1 is our religion and Michael is our god .

Varun Ramachandran said...

keep dropping in . activity on blog at an all time low due to impeding disaster ( read gre on 22nd ) . will write soon.
oh and thnks for da compliments. you wax eloquent indeed . :)