Monday, February 05, 2007

As INERT as Radon...

That's my gmail status right now.
About a tenth of the year is gone and apart from finding out about something called the Radon transform and adding more air-miles going to Bombay and coming back,I have achieved NOTHING.
(Also read: Radon)

Had an assignment about the properties of the Radon transforms and my mind went PHUT!!
Could not think anything...sat there blankly staring at the screen for about 10 min, that's when I thought of this status message.

What's wrong,I dunno...just lost it I guess.
Not just the mental sharpness but also atleast a bit of the Motivation I guess.
Just no enthu to work or figure these things out.
Thanks to Anoop, my labmate, without whom this assignment would not be completed.

Need to get out of this rut...get back on track.
No clue how to do that.
And I won't even react much.


Anonymous said...

well nissim!!!

i didnt know u felt gassy

even i am feeling gassy..ate 2 much khana yest..LOL

i think its probably right..
our capacities 4 information seem 2 decrease wid also feel mind dead most of da times...

signing off wid a pink floyd line

moneyyyy...its a GAS

za man

Anonymous said...

hey nissim
chill man!! we all go thru such phases. jus let it be. atleast itll get ur overworked brain some rest:D:D
take care


Prasanna said...

Dont take nimish's advice..I dont think ur brain is overworked..I wud say it is underworked!
so hows the haalat now?