Saturday, February 17, 2007

Carpe Diem...

On my visits to Mumbai I have noticed one thing...I am out to make the most of every moment I get to stay in the place I proudly call HOME (ME MUMBAIKAR!!).
Be it talking to my mom till 2 am the night I land there or 3 visits to Shivaji Park in 16 hrs literally.

This last time I thought...Hell!! I should be living my entire bloody life like this. Making every moment count, having fun all the times I can. It also reminded me of the dialogue that precedes one of my favourite tunes, the Gateway Theme in Bluffmaster.

Tumhe aise kitne din yaad hain Roy,
pehla suit...pehli salary,
jab tumne ek ladki ko pehli baar chhua,pehli baar chooma,
jab pehli baar tumhaara dil dhadka Roy!!



heliophile said...

Nissim, this comment is for ur blog hvin few lines on "hopelessness n loneliness", written few days back perhaps.
The following are my thoughts, not an advice. "You" in foll. para doesnt mean you in particular.
This kind of feeling evrybody faces. U go away frm ppls life, as you go up in life.. Its inevitable! Ur life overlaps with lives of more n more ppl n with tht the "quantity" of overlap u hv with life of some person goes on reducing. This is like "Law of overlaps".. Nothing you can do! Better, keep contact with few ppl n be careful not to lose it. So this "law of overlaps" wil take care u dnt feel lonely.
Anyway, these are freak thoughts frm a freak person. So..

- Onkar

Daneshia said...


Subhash said...

'hakuna matata' buddy... :-)

za man said...

hey gurujee

i have 2 agree wid wad u said..
i dont agree wid the fact that only ppl who are away 4m Mumbai miss its buz..its energy,etc

even i feel that I have yet to discover certain facets of Mumbai..4 example..its art deco bldgs..

The fact i have no time 2 even look around as work is worship!!

za man

Sukrut Hukkerikar said...

hi nissim

moi misses u a lot too, don't feel lonely

i m facing the same yaar, its the same for everyone, just as the sun lover said

welcome to mumbai! :)