Friday, May 04, 2007

The Rematch

In 2005 two 'not-so-great','undeserving' English teams won the greatest prize their sport had to offer that year against 2 Champion sides:
In May Liverpool beat Milan in the Champions League final in what was called '6 minutes of madness' or something like that.
In July and August of the same year England beat Australia 2-1 in the Ashes with a lot of luck.
It pained me to see Warney and McGrath bowl their hearts out on the last day of the 5th Test as the Englishmen drudged their way to a draw and an Ashes victory.
That day I predicted they would get Whitewashed the next time they went to Australia.
The hunger was visible in the Aussies, in Warne and McGrath, in Lee and Ponting and Hayden and Gilchrist to make up for loss.
I had predicted a whitewash, a whitewash it was, Australia thr"ASHES" England.

Now Milan have a chance to get even...and a 5-0 scoreline would just ROCK!!


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abc said...

Well I must say it was Milan's over confidence that did them eventually. They were wearing shirts printed 'Milan Champions' at half time. Liverpool fought back strongly in the second half to turn the tide in their favor. I am not saying Liverpool was a better team but on that day they were better atleast not over confident.