Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Grass was Greener...

Met Ankur, Prasanna and Paresh this last Saturday.
Had a lot of fun...but I must admit I was also a bit sad.
There is something about meeting old friends, exchanging notes on who is doing what, gossiping(if that is what you call it) makes you look back at how you were when you were with them.
It was great to meet them because very rarely do you get a group of friends together that can understand precisely what I am going through...undoubtedly my closest friends.
The same jokes were back, the mimicry, the leg pulling over how sincerely I attended 12th std classes while these ppl goofed off.
It reminded me of those days 6-7 years ago...the innocent belief that if you were smart, worked hard then luck would not play a role...that doing beautiful mathematics was the purpose of life, that physics was the highest in intellectual endeavour.
Where is that cheerful belief, that innocent confidence??

It takes old friends to remind you of who you were, who you are and what you are turning into.
Maybe I can prevent the cynicism from creeping into me any further.
Maybe I can find my 'Return to Innocence'

Last September Ankur wrote this.
I can identify with the emotion...Thanks for everything guys!!

An old song that fits the mood ...
"Koi lauta de mere beete hue din".


abc said...

That is an importatnt point. Old friends do remind you of the person you were in those times when you used to be with them. You have to decide whether you want to be that person you were or you want to be the one you are today. There's always time to go back to something in the past.

Prasanna said...

Another song that fits the mood is "Chod aaya hum woh galiya"..
I love it..

Ankur Kulkarni said...

It sinks in further everyday that we are not the same when we were together. I struggle everyday to keep myself the same starry eyed dreamer that I used to be then... just to avoid getting cynical and bogged down. The more life unfolds before you, the more it gets tougher. Having close friends around surely helps. You guys hold a mirror to me every time I meet you. You guys know if I have changed or compromised. You guys know if I am truly happy. You remind me that the grass was greener once, and you make me water it again to bring it back to life.

Love you people!

Anubha said...

AWESOME is not the word...
There's nothing like an evening out with your old friends.. the ones who know u in and out..
Nice blog.. keep it up !! :)

Also read what ankur wrote :)

thefloweringcactus said...

old friends are like the traces of perfume on your grand mother's old handkerchief that remind you of the fact of life which is humility,honesty and modesty.too much of fame,fragrance begets a certain amount ot artificialness and friends who have conviction in you always vehemently and bluntly tell you the truth.and if you have such wonderful friends around you the grass shall always be greener and your soul shall always be proud.