Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Words' worth

Had posted this a few months ago...then took it off because it was adding too much entropy to the Universe.
There is a great deal of verbal communication in the world today. Letters,phone calls,emails,chats,blogs(:P)...an infinity of words.

I for one believe that the best communication involves zero or a minimal amount of words.

What a million words of commiseration could not do...a sigh and 6 words did.
It felt like an arm round the shoulder ...and all those wise men and women with their words did not realize that that was what I needed.

A few friends and a completely different topic had me laughing on the worst day of my life.

No amount of words can do what one look into the eyes of a friend trying desperately to hold back her tears did.

I went out for dinner once by myself...a couple sat on the table facing me.
The girl was trying to hold back her tears. The guy sat opposite her,not eating ...just looking into her eyes...almost soothing her...not one word was said.
I smiled.


Aseem said...

You are absolutely right. Many times what we need to make us feel better are not a thousand words of consolation, but ears that listen, a touch that heals and eyes that soothe, all of which say without words - 'I am here by your side, with you, for you'. :) Couldn't have put it any better than your post.

thefloweringcactus said...

words thy words,
thy words kill thy world!

i believe in this and i m glad that even the other section of the human race elaborately disillusions the emotions so pure, so magical.the power to heal and unviel is in those moments of shear joy when you look at the sky and imagine your beloved's eyes and with rain you raise your expectations just to find that soothing and selfless look in the eyes of your loved one.good post nesim!