Sunday, September 02, 2007

A fleeting glimpse...

There is an image from my Mumbai visit in June end that has endured in my mind. I was walking with my mom to Shivaji park I think when we passed a boy returning home from school. He wasn’t the cutest kid …but something about him caught my fancy.

It was drizzling and he had a raincoat on with a hood. He was carrying a school bag and had a water bottle around his neck.

What caught my attention was that he had his face turned towards the drizzle. The eyes were tightly shut and there was an innocent joy on his face, looked like he hadn’t a care in the world…I tried to remember when I had done something so simple so spontaneously last. I dearly wished I had a camera with me to capture that moment forever.

The joy on his face was indescribable…I have forgotten what such simple joy is and can’t find the words to describe it.

Maybe this is what PF were hinting at when they sang

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse

out of the corner of my eyes…

He was having his glimpse of joy, a simple , guileless joy…let’s hope it is not a fleeting one.


Bastet said...

Can understand what you mean. It isn't like I am sad or serious now, I do still laugh my head off at all jokes and am mostly happy, but the innocent, blissful, no-care-in-the-world kind of happiness, can never return.. Childhood ends, adulthood begins, and, I better learn to like it, 'coz, I haven't been given much choice, have I ! :) Anyway, wish the kid many more of such joyous moments - icecreams, splashes in the rain puddles, playing with puppies, tom and jerry shows and many more!

nissim said...

its not like i am sad or serious either...but i wish i could be happy at such small things.
what do u do when it for cover??
that you laugh your head off at jokes and even almost-jokes I know.

Bastet said...

well, when it rains, I am generally driving :D

nissim said...

when it rains I am generally walking...
and if there are any tears in my eyes, they're from laughing hard.

Anonymous said...

Right on gurujee

there are TIMES when i also wonder where all that INNOCENCE has gone? all those smiles, miles and feelings of PURE JOY are just so difficult

maybe they will return someday..when we FALL IN LOVE! :) :)

till then, u should give in 2 the KID inside @ times
hop across a STREEET,sing loudly, get wet in da rains, fall in LOVE wid urself and the beauty around u ;) ;) U know which beauty i talk abt!


Subhash said...

While losing innocence is definitely a heavy price we pay to attain adulthood, like you experienced taht day, being with kids, totally immersing yourself in their unadulterated and pure innocence is one of the ways of turning back the clock :-)