Friday, September 07, 2007

Social Not-working

First there was Orkut...
Then a slew of others.
Apparently to keep in touch with old/long-lost friends.
Apparently to 'make' new friends.
Then the Brazilians and Despos took over orkut...there were infinite posts in Portuguese and as many 'fraandship' requests.
Lately there have been cases of identity thefts.

People like me got on to the bandwagon for its novelty...that has definitely worn off.
What is the use of having 500 friends if u can't really find one to speak to when you really are alone?
What is the use of having 500 'friends' when 5 really good ones should sufffice?
Bye bye Orkut and its ilk.


karthikv4u said...

so...we wont see Mr.Nabar on orkut again???

anyway...these fellas jus promise social networkin....n tat they do wonderfully...whoever promised u frnd s at diff times???

Bastet said...

that's true... It is a twin edged sword.. while, one hand it is good time pass, and, you can really find any distant contact on it... it is totally insecure as I painfully learnt! :) I guess, it is better to maintain a slambook or a phone diary for contacts than hunt for them here! :)

nissim said...

@ Karthik
WIll not be cancelling my account...but definitely not using orkut as much as i used to.
depends on ur view...whether u want a bigger network or a reliable one.
@ bastet
me buying a phone diary soon.

Subhash said...

Well Nissim.. Its true, orkut is more of a pastime than anything much serious beyond it.. but while having a set of really good frens may not be an outcome attributed to orkut, the lack of it, i feel, cannot be blamed on it..

Orkut&co is neither a necessary, nor sufficient condition! :-)