Friday, March 21, 2008

Change, anyone?

Change apparently is the only constant in life.
I somehow disagree. Look at the basic question in my life.

1995-96: To B or not to B?

1997-98: To B or not to B?

2000-01: To B or not to B?

2001-02: To B or not to B?

2004-05: To B or not to B?

2005-06: To B or not to B?

In between it varied a little to : To B or to B?
or to : To BE or not to BE?

2006-07: To B or not to B?

2007-08: To B or not to B?

The B's change...the question still remains.


Bastet said...

hmm.. can guess some of the Bs.. will ask u abt the others.... But.. the B's are changing, so EVERYTHING is not constant... there is some change.. :P

Abhishek said...

Some of those B's are new to me too.
Guess you and B's are inseparable. Be it Bombay, Bangalore or (I dont need to mention this one)

So far all the "B" choices have been beneficial. This one wont b too different.

All I'd add is "What must B will B"

aarthi kannan said...

1995 - 2008 isn't a span of time long enough for you to decide the constancy of anything.
and if you look deep inside yourself, there will be all those different little answers to : to B or no to B ?

time has made you think. think differently every moment. find a new, different solution to that question every time u think about it.
that is change.

zaosh said...

2 me

it is not a qn of 2 B or not 2 B

but 2 survive or not 2 survive another day

the only B in ma life is ma BOSS

and in the future mBa


Rush said...

Change is not constant, but certain...the real question, I guess, is whether you want 'to C or not to C it!' :)