Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reservations redux

The Supreme Court upholds the reservations for OBCs...the timing is very interesting.
Less than a month to go for the Karnataka assembly elections, many more assembly elections to come and then the General Elections next year (unless they are held this year...Chidambaram is prepared for that possibility).

South and Reservations (
Read what this guy called Reuben Raj has to say:

I got into medical college through the backward class quota. There should be reservation in the premier institutes.

The forward classes are more talented than us. You will find a lot of them in the premier institutes already. Here they score much higher marks than us. By the time I read two pages, they can read ten more pages. Their capacity to learn and understand is better than mine.
And this is why we need RESERVATIONS?? So the forward caste people who are better than them are denied while these buggers get admissions.

Nothing, absolutely nothing should cause someone with lower marks to get admissions over someone with higher marks. Reminds me repeatedly of the situation in Atlas Shrugged (referred to it in some previous post as well).

Scary...Reuben might be treating me or my family in some hospital.
As Pink Floyd said, "...Run Like Hell".

More to come as I gather more info and find more crap.


Bastet said...

reservations can be given for meritorious students .... but caste is no merit... A person cant choose which family he/she is born into. But, tht one fact now seems to decide the rest of his career. Sickening.

Abhishek said...

You know my opinion on this issue well enuf. Every time the issue comes up I'm reminded of the pre Gate conversation on our way back from college.

Could have said a lot more but I've give up on the issue now.

Superlative Sanks said...

I am sick and tired of discussing this issue. I have decided that I will get into this issue after another 15 years... armed with more $$

nissim said...

I am sick and tired of it too.
They seem to bring this up only when my admissions are on the anvil. 2 years ago post-GATE and now post-CAT.

Abhishek said...

They bring this up every year...we seem to care a little more when our admissions are on the cards.

We are moving into an Atlas Shrugged situation...and while I wish it arrived sooner...doesn't look likely for a few decades.

So just relax and wait for the results for now.

Ajit said...

"To take in so many reserved category students, admission criteria will have to be relaxed," IIT-Bombay director Ashok Misra said.
"Last year, the aggregate score of the last candidate on the rank list in the general category was 206/494; the same scores for the last SC/ST candidates admitted in the IITs stood at 126. "

Anonymous said...

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