Monday, May 15, 2006

Caste away

With all this talk of reservations and the predicted and perfectly appropriate brain drain...I am left thinking that my status in this country and its state of affairs is that of a Caste-away.
As I watched in horror the future doctors of the country,people my age, getting brutally thrashed I got the distinct feeling that I and people like me did not matter anymore. We form the minority I guess, but then we are not a religious minority, are we?
I debated with myself,and later with a friend whether the President could have done something about it...he could have returned the Bill(as far as I remember Civics...he can).
Even a year ago,I was horrified to find that while my AIR 194 would not get me IITM Communication M Tech...AIR 2000 odd could...he has an extra piece of paper (called the caste certificate) you see.

The TV showed pictures of the youth in Bangalore on the streets...and just for a moment a placard caught my eye:
" WE DREAM...WE WORK...THEY GET IT BY BIRTH"...well said my friend.

I guess the machinery is already rolling...the Constitution has been amended...and there is very little we can do except buy some time...time to drive some sense into the heads of the politicos.
The IITs were called the Iyer Iyengar institutes of Technology...but then we had no choice...the reservations were already so high (especially in TN i guess) that to get decent engineering education you had to get into an IIT.
If this move goes through the IITs and IIMs,the islands of excellence in this unending sea of mediocrity, will drown Atlantis many of us will seek and never find.
The Govt suggests raising the number of seats in the IITs..but do u have the funds to do so? It spends Rs. 1.5 lakh per student per annum...imagine what the extra load will be on the economy. And who will foot the bill...people like us,who stay here and create wealth...not grab undeserved seats and then run away.

If this Bill goes through,it will cause much anguish to my brother and infinitely many others like him.And what will I do...go away from India( after an MTech that I worked my backside off for...not worked a piece of paper for) and send US dollars to my family so that my money won't fund the education of these undeserving b#$%rds.

In one line...the upper castes need 50% reservation too...after all we are

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