Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reservations about reservations...

The UPA government is going ahead with the proposed reservations.As in a previous post...they don't really care about us ( copyright MJ). No matter how much we scream and shout it won't be of much use I guess. As I think about it,the words a friend had put up on his orkut page come to my mind. Here they are courtesy Alistair Maclean via Pratik Gupta.

Beyond anger lies fury, the heedless, ungovernable rage of the berserker, and beyond that again, a long, long step beyond the boundary of madness, lies the region of cold and utterly uncaring indifference.
When a man enters that region, as few ever do, he is no longer himself, he is a man beside himself, a man without all his normal codes and standards of feeling and thought and emotions, a man for whom words like fear and danger and suffering are words that belong to another world and whose meaning he no longer can comprehend.

Alistair MacLean.

Are we there yet...I don't know...but we surely are getting there. That is what this country and its leaders need to guard against. Youngster after disgruntled youngster,who could have done so much,should not be leaving the country for not just greener but fairer pastures.

The more I think about the current fracas the more it reminds me of the situation of Atlas Shrugged,where driven by the unfair and unjust Directive 289 John Galt and the men of the mind go on a strike. If the most promising and productive people of the country suddenly decide that they will not contribute in any way to the prosperity of that will be hell on earth. That is what this thing is doing to me.

Why should I contribute to the well being of a nation that will take the product of my work and distribute it to those who claim their right to it by their sheer inability to achieve it on their own?
Why should achieving something be made increasingly difficult for some and increasingly easier for others?
It is only when their crutches are taken away that they will know they can run too.

You cannot catch enough fish to feed them all everyday,so you might as well teach them to fish.
I am not against helping anyone to be as well equipped to face life(or exams in this case) as they can but then once you are at an examination there should be no reservations.
This is nothing fact it is the first and foremost of Nature's Laws:
And Newton's Law tells us what will happen if we do not heed this law of Nature.


Abhishek Bhat said...

My thoughts exactly. Its exactly what I said to Shraddha the other day. "We are reaching an Atlas Shugged like situation." is what I had to say. And I think even on economic grounds reservations will lead to the same effect.
The government should realise and to quote Howard Rowark A leash is nothing but a piece of rope with a noose at both ends.

Ajit Barve said...

Well said Nissim. Try to stay calm tho. Minds on strike seems to be solution here. Acheivable.
"It is only when their crutches are taken away that they will know they can run too"
Too true.