Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wish you were here...

The night of May 19th brought with it the news that I had been selected for M Tech in Communications at IIT Bombay with Teaching Assistanship. I was elated...had I been a footballer I would have come up with some novel celebration like a toss of my graduating hat.
The question of to B or not to B was solved once and for all and it had an affirmative answer.

But there seems to be a sense of incompleteness...one that Godel for all his skill would not be able to describe using mathematics. Only ONE person in the entire world could sense this and have the sense to talk to me about it.

I have always found it tough to express my emotions and this is why I have to take recourse to the lyrics of a little known Bangalore based fusion rock(or whatever!) band called Antaragni. They say everything I have to say about this one thing that I do not talk about(except to very few people).

Had heard them at Mood Indigo 2003 and liked their music and this song in particular.
The song itself is well made and sounds much better when heard than just reading the lyrics.

Here I present those lyrics which are so close to my heart:

Dark clouds gather in the sky
and the wind is blowing across the land
evening birds hurry back to their homes
but I bend down to tie my shoes
...because I've got to go

Words you said occur in my ears
and I try so hard to hold back my tears
but I still go on and on
across the mountains of memories
Wish you were here.

I wait with my eyes open for a sound
its down on me but then you were gone
but I still carry on
across the mountains of memories
Wish you were here


Adu said...

Hey, it's beautiful.

afiya said...

hey!... i always knew how u feel abt the IIT n what this means to u. just get an Mtech n make us(ur friends) proud of u...
there cud b no better way to express ur feelings...
ALL D BEST.. n a cool blog u've got here...

Bastet said...

A very beautiful number .. poignant, deep.... The sense of longing in it is almost tangible!